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#1 Question: Who is qualified to become an Affiliate of Shaadmaani.Com
Answer: Generally any one who has a website of his/her own can become an Affiliate of Shaadmaani.Com. However, if an individual who has no website but has blogs, or he/she is a member of any group, where he/she can advertise Links/Banners/Buttons of Shaadmaani.Com, can become a member.
#2 Question: How can a person having no website or blog act and earn as an Affiliate of Shaadmaani.Com ?
Answer: After registering with Shaadmaani.Com as an Affiliate, the person can log into his/her account and from his Home page he/she has to click a Link provided therein. This will take him to the Registration page of Shaadmaani.Com. Once he/she fills up the online form and submits the same into the system, his/her activities will be automatically traced and accounted for.
#3 Question: How can we be sure of your perfect tracking ?
Answer: Well. Once you register a profile clicking from your link, you can check the statistics available in your page to ascertain the registration and your charges added into your account. When a click happens from a link you provided at your website or blog, the Traffic page in your account will show you as to how many people have clicked.However, to be on the safe side, you can always keep a record of your own showing the Email ID, address, Phone No. of the person whose profile you have posted into our system and cross check.
#4 Question: If we do not have a bank account, how could I be paid ?
Answer: In such case, you could opt for settlement by Money Order. Once a considerable amount is accumulated in to your account, you can provide us with your Postal Address where we could send you a Money Order (in case of Indians only).
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